About us

Who we are: Fara Petro Arzesh Risk Management company has recently been established with the aim of designing and installing frameworks for new risk management systems, Safety and Health Management and valuation in wide range of industries especially in the oil and gas industry , power plant, petrochemical and upstream industries .we ensure that the stakeholders can establish a safe environment in their business in terms of personal injury and financial loss and also we can help maintaining their credibility and reputation. Moreover, we help them to meet their needs and objectives. It all will result in enhancement and improvement of our nation’s economy and national treasury.

Our purpose: we are here to create the safest property life and environment

Our vision: Petro Arzesh Company is planning to become one of superior provider of mentioned services in Iran and hopefully in Middle East. In order to achieve our goals, we will use our cooperators, Consultants and international and Iranian experts.

Our mission: business assurance with sustainable productivity.

Our values:
• We are committed to technological innovation
• We care for our staff
• We care for our customer
• We care for a greener world
• We are open to innovation and change

Quality policy: Petro Arzesh Company accepts ISO10002:2014 and ISO10002:2015 as their strategic policy and continuously provides the required resources for an effective and efficient implementation. And it is obligatory to seek the following principles from its personnel:

• Increase the level of customer satisfaction through boosting quality with on time delivery of services.
• Increase the quality of services through the use of international experts and improving Iranian expert’s technical knowledge.
• Focus on continuous improvement and apply it through all the levels of organization.
• Increase productivity and added value for itself and all stakeholders.
• Upgrade the company's Technical knowledge through the latest scientific and technical achievements.